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Undersheriff Stacy Simmons

About 4 years ago I introduced myself on this platform to the citizens of Douglas County providing a little insight into who I am, what I stand for, and my resume since joining the Douglas County Sheriff's Office in 1998. Then candidate for Sheriff Jay Armbrister did the same, and together we worked to earn your vote in November of 2020.
Today I would like to thank you for believing in Sheriff Jay Armbrister and allowing him the opportunity to serve our community and providing me the privilege to serve with him. I hope you have taken the time to see the work he has accomplished by being transparent and always keeping the best interest of our community in mind.
As your Undersheriff, one of my priorities over the last 3 years and as I continue forward, is to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community. I believe one way toward this accomplishment is to voluntarily come to the table and listen for an understanding of all viewpoints. In-turn, be willing to provide honest conversations on the tough topics.
Many of these conversations came in 2022 from Leadership Lawrence. This year long experience provided an outstanding curriculum and a back stage pass to the inner workings of our community and the realization that all parts of our community are joined in some way; making decisions on one area inevitably effects many others. I made invaluable connections with instructors and other civic minded attendees who also want the very best for our community and are willing to do the work to make Douglas County the absolute best it can be.
I appreciate the community support I have received over the last 3 years and hope you have also felt that same support from me. I look forward to working with the dedicated men and women of the Sheriff's Office to keep you and our community safe.
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Paid for by Jay Armbrister for Sheriff, Treasurer Josie Flory

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