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“Jay is the thoughtful, compassionate leader we need right now. He is an active listener, with the experience and integrity we need as Sheriff.” 


Eileen Horn

Kansas State House of Representatives

10th District


“My name is Steve Hornberger and I have spent over 40 years in the law enforcement profession, the last ten years of it as the Undersheriff in Douglas County, retiring in June of 2015. I have observed individuals who want to be leaders for the prestige or the pay but who are not true leaders for all the right reasons. Jay is not that type of individual. He truly and deeply cares about this community and the future of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Douglas County. He has not forgot where he came from; with his excellent listening skills he will continue to solicit input from staff, community partners and the citizens of Douglas County. I have observed Jay as he worked in several Divisions within The Sheriff’s Office and have observed his ability to be decisive, compassionate and a mentor. His ability to effectively communicate with our various community partners is outstanding. The job of Being Sheriff is a difficult and demanding job that requires you to always be on call 24/7. Jay has the needed dedication, and with the professional and talented staff at the Sheriff’s Office, will continue to respectfully and professionally lead the team to provide the services the citizens of Douglas County have come to expect from the Sheriff’s Office. I encourage you to get out and vote this August and would ask that you support Jay as our next Sheriff.” 

-Steve Hornberger (Retired DGSO #348)


Dear Voters,

I’ve had the great fortune to know Jay Armbrister and Stacy Simmons – personally and professionally – for more than a decade. As a long-time Kansas children’s advocate in organizations addressing sexual and domestic violence, childhood hunger and poverty and early education I have spent a considerable amount of time in conversations with both Jay and Stacy on the challenges and opportunities that face communities and recognized early on that we shared values for wanting to see the best for Kansans. As a member of the LGBTQ community and someone deeply committed to equity, it has also been important to me personally to see Jay and Stacy’s dedication to addressing the needs of members in our communities that continue to face discrimination because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other marginalized identities. Jay and Stacy’s commitment to service and justice has been unwavering – I’ve watched them over the last ten years of their respective careers as they developed the skills and capacities that I think Douglas County needs, and deserves, in its next Sheriff and Undersheriff.

Annie McKay,

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant

Former President & CEO, Kansas Action for Children

"I am proud to endorse Jay Armbrister as my choice for Douglas County Sherrif. I have had the honor of working with Jay for many years when he has tirelessly volunteered his time. He is the candidate to make meaningful and lasting progress we need in Douglas County's sheriff's office. In his long-standing career, he has seen the changes that need to be made and the importance of vital services like mental health and basic needs. He goes above and beyond to serve his community in every capacity and I look forward to seeing the impact his passion and dedication can make on this community."


Liz Keever

Executive Director at Just Food

Our world has changed and so should the way we act as human beings, neighbors, people. Using our voting power to make change is one thing, but making the effort to treat all people the way you would treat the love of your life is another. This is why I am voting for Jay Armbrister. Not only will we be getting a Sheriff with experience, knowledge and ability, we will be getting a leader that listens with heart, cares deeply for our community and will treat all people with respect and equality.

My mother was a Sedgwick County Sheriff's Officer for 24 years. Even though I was raised by a cop that wasn't enough to make me respect them. I grew up and went to school in a rough neighborhood in Midtown Wichita. Truth be told, I respected the cops because they saved me from being assaulted, robbed and beaten many times (and not a few times). I didn't know how to understand my white privilege at that time and I now recollect many instances when my immigrant and black friends did not always get the same treatment as I did. I spent the first part of my adult life assuming those dark days of our society had been corrected. Racist values and hate are still a huge part of our American culture and it has to change.

I've known Jay for a couple decades now. I had the privilege of working with his wife Betsy for years and came to know Jay and family as loyal followers of my culinary antics. If I put together a special event or dinner, Jay would be there. It didn't stop there. If I asked Jay to show up at my son's cub scout meeting in uniform and patrol car, he was there. If I asked Jay to speak to a group of restaurant owners about how police can help restaurants better understand the law, he was there. If I asked Jay if I could bring my kids to get some fresh air at his farm in the throws of a pandemic, of course he was there (with mask). Sheriff Jay Armbrister will always be there for everyone.

I endorse Jay Armbrister for Douglas County Sheriff. Jay is the right Sheriff to guide us through the difficult recovery time ahead. He will be the community leader we have needed from the SO and will not hide behind a desk, badge or a gun. He will listen to everyone, lead with heart and make sure all voices are heard. Jay knows Black Lives Matter. I urge everyone to vote in the August 4th primary election and please encourage others to vote as well.

Chef Rick Martin

“To All, I feel I needed to note my thoughts about the upcoming election for Sheriff of Douglas County, KS. More importantly, the upcoming primary, August 4th. We have three running for Sheriff, Jay Armbrister, Dale Flory and Doug Woods, all of whom I have worked hand and hand with over the years. I have nothing negative to post about any of them. I have chosen to share my story about Jay and I’s personal and professional relationship.

I have lived east of Lawrence for several years. I was born and raised in Douglas County outside of living in Tonganoxie when I was a toddler and a couple years in Oklahoma. I attended Lawrence schools and was in the class of 1991. In 1999, I applied for the Sheriff’s Office and was hired by Sheriff Loren Anderson. I started July 26th, 1999.

It was truly a huge day in my life. I hired on as a Corrections Officer, was promoted to Deputy in less than a year, then as a Field Training Officer. I was promoted to Corporal, re-classified as a Sergeant and then promoted to Lieutenant. I am currently the Corrections Operations Administrative Lieutenant. I was on patrol for just under fourteen years, I was an advanced accident investigator, Commercial Vehicle Inspector and a Field Training Officer. I have spent time with our past Sheriffs, Billy Hodsen, Fred Broker (Pearl Harbor survivor), Loren Anderson and Rex Johnson gathering the Sheriff’s Office history.

Now, onto my history with Jay. Jay and I meet the first week I worked at the “Old jail” which was in the Law Enforcement Center downtown. I still remember meeting him; he was very polite and helpful. I need to mention, Jay and I have a mutual childhood friend, Ryan Robinson, who was also a deputy. Although Ryan knew Jay and I both as kids, Jay and I did not know each other. Ryan is an awfully close and dear friend of mine and Jays. You may have read some of Ryan’s comments.

Jay and I instantly took to each other, it was like having a brother you did not know you had. We seemed to have similar views and those we did not have, we talked about. We have spent the past twenty plus years supporting each other and calling each other out when we have been wrong. Jay has supported me as solid as anyone can. He has been a rock at the Sheriff’s Office even in his tough times.

After working the “road” for so many years and investigating suicides, homicides, crash investigations it changed me as a person. I have made the shoot or do not shoot decision. I know how it feels to be a COP. With that said, Jay has walked those lines as well. We have both been hit with our “breaking point” Jay has posted on Facebook about his trauma, and how he has dealt with it.

Mine hit me one morning working a fatality crash, ironically with Jay. I did not tell him at the time or anyone else. I simply could not take it anymore. I was spent, had nothing left to give and did not want to continue any longer. I felt like I was broken and unfixable. When I finally told Jay and Stacy Simmons, they were two of my top supporters. I was able to sort through things which have helped me greatly.

Jay and I have wept together, laughed, and sometimes at the same time. The passing of his father, the loss of my family members, the birth of his daughters, the tornado, and of course over work related matters. Jay and his family have helped so much, even the passing of my dear dogs Gracie and Ellie. Jay is such a kind soul he even made me homemade cards expressing his heart felt feelings which I still have to this day. That may not be a lot to some people, but if you know me, you know how hard I took losing them. The talks we have had about our situations run deep.

My point is, Jay is the person who is always there, he is a constant, a go to person, the one you call and will stay on the phone all night with you whether he knows you or not. He is a person of integrity, honor and standards with which he lives his life and will not alter in order to conform just to be accepted. His heart is as deep as the Rockies, and his determination is as solid as Lincoln. He simply loves people, all of us, and is doing what he believes, and I believe, is the right thing.

Jay does not care about what color you are, or your lifestyle. He is a good human who wants to help us all. Jay is a leader, he does not ride the wagon, he helps pull it. He does not keep himself up by keeping others down. Please vote for Jay on August 4th.”

Jason Grems, Lieutenant

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

“I am proud to have this opportunity to endorse Captain Stacy Simmons as she runs for the important role of Undersheriff of Douglas County alongside Sheriff candidate Jay Armbrister.

I was fortunate to have a 39 year career with the Lenexa, KS Police Department, 21 of those as police chief. After retiring, I served one year as the interim police chief in Kansas City Kansas. Throughout this long career I had the opportunity to work with and around many strong young leaders, not only in Kansas but beyond. Stacy certainly falls into this category and has stood out to me from the very beginning.

I first met Stacy early in her career as she sought out leadership training opportunities. My primary connection with her has been through two law Enforcement organizations, the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE) and the more locally centered Women Police Officers Network. NAWLEE attracts some of the most high profile and talented Law Enforcement Leaders from several countries. In this arena, Stacy became a creative and contributive member and rose to serve two terms as a member of the executive team. In the Women’s Police Officer Network, where there are no formalized leadership roles, she is a motivating and contributing senior member, playing a key role in mentoring younger members.

In the 20 years I have known Stacy I have been impressed by her creativity, great work ethic, and her strong and caring leadership style. She also excels in relating to the community, not only through her work, but also through her involvement in Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as coaching softball for a local high school.

She has demonstrated experience in all facets of the complexities of running a county sheriffs office and places a strong emphasis on staff development, training and maintaining a high level of professionalism.

While this endorsement is certainly based on Stacy’s professional skills and abilities, it is also rooted in her solid personal and professional levels of integrity. She lives her life both on and off duty in a way that serves as a great example to others.

Stacy Simmons as Undersheriff will be an asset to both the Sheriff’s Department and the County.”

Chief Ellen Hanson(ret)

Lenexa Police Department

KCK Police Department

Since this election began, I have been trying to think of my favorite place in Douglas County. Douglas county has been my home for 42 years. I have too many favorite places to pick only one to post my picture with my Jay Armbrister for Sheriff t-shirt. Today, as I sit on my porch listening to it rain I thought, this is it. This is my favorite spot in Douglas County, our home. Its not because it is anything special to anyone other than us. It is because it is where Jay and I have chosen to raise our family.

I have been by Jay’s side and he has been by mine for almost 28 years now. Marriage is not easy. Raising kids is not easy. Life is not easy. It takes hard work and severe determination. Our family has had its ups and downs but I cannot imagine doing any of this without him.

This campaign process has been no different. It has been hard. It has been emotional. It has been exciting. The community of Douglas County is an amazing place filled with kind and passionate people. The outpouring of support we have received throughout this process has been tremendous. We thank each and every one of you who have helped us along the way.

What I want to tell you is there is so much to Jay that he will not tell you. He is one of the smartest people I know. The depths of his intelligence have been underestimated his entire life. He is one of the kindest people I know. His empathy knows no bounds. When he entered the career of Law Enforcement, we had no idea the toll it would take on our relationship, our family, on Jay as a human. He has given the best of himself to do his job with integrity, honesty and ethically.

Our family motto is… “Jay will save the world while I save us.” He never even thinks twice about helping others without judgement. Just last week he delivered meals for Sunrise project. He did not post photos or talk about this because it was not for political gain. It was to help the community. He adopted a family from the Ballard Center during the COVID 19 shutdown but he was very careful to not use his last name because he did not want this family to think he was doing it for political gain. He volunteers at Just Food teaching cooking classes or showing people how to cut up a whole chicken so they can save money at the store and stretch those precious grocery dollars. When Just Food asked for a vegetable stand, Jay was there. When Just Food ask for a plinko board for a fundraiser, Jay not only made the board but attended the fundraiser as well. He has sat on multiple boards including Headquarters and CrimeStoppers. He continually volunteers at multiple organizations throughout the community. He doesn’t brag about these or even mention them. They are things we do because that is what Jay does. He helps people. He stands up for what is right and for the right reasons. He listens to all the voices and helps those who cannot be heard, while learning and growing the whole time. Learning how to make this world a better place. Leaving everything better than the way we found it.

Jay is the wordsmith of our family as you all have seen from his Facebook posts. He can convey emotions through words like no other. He is passionate. He is kind. He is immensely capable of leading this county into a healthier place. A place where healing begins between Law Enforcement and Community.

Jay Armbrister and Stacy Simmons are the two strongest individuals I know. It has been absolutely amazing to watch them work as a team throughout this process. They were friends before this started but I had no idea the strength they bring to each other.

Douglas County deserves nothing but the best in their leadership. I realize I am biased but there is not another team out there that can bring the honesty, strength and reliability to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department like these two can. I am more than proud of these two for taking this journey to do the right thing, for the right reasons.

If you have not already voted PLEASE get out and exercise your right to vote. By mail, in advanced or in person August 4th, 2020. Jay Armbrister for Douglas County Sheriff.

Betsy Armbrister


Dear Voters, 

My name is Stacey Wagner and Jay Armbrister was the lead detective in the case of my brother’s murder (2012).  

While the situation in which we met Detective Armbrister was excruciating difficult, my family was given the opportunity to work with one of the most credible and ethical individuals I have had the good fortune to come across, in law enforcement or otherwise.  

While I have found it rare to encounter a person who works authentically and tirelessly without motives cultivated in personal gain or agenda, Detective Armbrister did just that.   In the years my family worked with him we saw a genuine demonstration of professionalism, integrity, perseverance and compassion. He upheld the highest standards of law enforcement –  regardless of person or circumstance. We saw firsthand what it means for law enforcement to “Protect and Serve”; ….in its most literal, honorable and credible form.   

Equally remarkable is the regard he demonstrated towards my family in the midst of this tragedy.   His compassion helped pave a path for us to start moving through our grief and despair by answering our questions and continuing to tirelessly work the case.    Ultimately and shockingly, a confession was given by the perpetrator and he is now incarcerated for life. Without Jay and his work, I firmly believe this case would have remained open. His tireless efforts brought closure to our family, justice for my brother and served the community by making it a safer place to live a work. He worked the crime scene, attended the victims impact statements and everything in between.   My words fall short to express the heartfelt gratitude for what he did for our family through his work. It will never be forgotten. 

Taking into account my experience with Detective Armbrister, I would highly recommend him for any position of leadership offered in the ranks of law enforcement.   I know most certainly he will continue to lead others in upholding the standards of the law as they are intended. But even more importantly, he will continue to demonstrate a level of integrity that many aspire to, but few attain.  


Most Sincerely,


Stacey Wagner 

Dear Voters,

Please do not vote for one of the candidates because you know them...or you have heard their family name...or because they are a "good guy."
- - - Because honestly none of them are good guys...they are ALL GREAT guys.
My background with all 3 candidates dates back decades. I worked with all 3 of them for 10 years at the Sheriffs Office. I grew up with Dale and Jay and my brothers grew up with the Woods brothers. I worked directly under Doug at the Sheriffs Office and he pulled one of the best pranks of all time on me there. I still laugh. Doug has an exemplary resume and I consider him a good friend...and if Jay was not running I would not hesitate to vote for Doug Woods.
But...Jay Armbrister For Douglas County Sheriff is running...and we are very fortunate that he is. Do not take my word for it...listen for yourself. He is impressive. He is genuine, brilliant and an abstract thinker at a time when Law Enforcement will be experiencing unparalleled changes over the next decade.
Jay Armbrister is the man for the job in Douglas County.

-Ryan Robinson


Dear Jay, 

I just wanted to say thank you for going out of your way to make sure my daughter and I were ok after my husband was killed in a car accident.  In the blink of an eye he was gone forever and our lives had been shattered.  We were suddenly alone and the painful grief had set in. Thank you for helping me realize that in order for me to care for my daughter I would need to take care of myself first.  Asking for help was and can still be hard but I'm so glad you were there to remind me that it is ok to ask for help.  

I am forever grateful for your kindness, compassion and concern. 


Julie Hutchinson

“We are very proud to endorse Jay Armbrister for Douglas County Sheriff. We have known Jay since the day he was born and watched him grow up to be the exceptionally good person he is now. He has the qualities a true leader needs. He will be an intelligent, compassionate , dedicated Sheriff and we’re encouraging everyone to vote for him in the August 4th primary.”

Tom and Clarice Patchen

“I’m Steve Brown a proud retiree of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. I care deeply about the women and men who work there and my community they serve. I proudly and wholeheartedly endorse Jay Armbrister for Sheriff, and his Undersheriff selection Stacy Simmons. In recent days the campaign for Sheriff has become twisted, and I feel compelled to share my thoughts. I have been a long-time fan of classic movies. It’s something I shared with my Mom. There is a very familiar movie script-line that I feel we are living right now with clear parallels to this election. (please forgive the gender stereotypes but they simply exist in classic movies… no sense pretending otherwise)

There is a good genuinely wholesome female lead who is being courted by two very different men. The first man is honest, fair, kind and stands up for others who need his help. He is 100% genuine. He talks straight as an arrow always saying exactly what be believes. There is no phoniness in this hero!

But the second man is clearly pretending to be something he is not! He is dishonest, disingenuous and trying to dupe the young lady. His greased back hair and waxed mustache hide his deceitful intentions. He always seems to have the upper hand in the competition right up until the end of the movie, when he cannot help himself. His true evilness comes oozing out and the righteous fair lady sees him for who he truly is, just in the nick of time!

My dear fellow Democratic voters; We are approaching the end of the movie! Doug Woods who admittedly switched to the Democratic Party before filing to run for this one race because it suited his personal agenda; Woods who is openly boasting the endorsements of a string of former Sheriff’s who held office for the Republican Party!; Woods who has a list of endorsements and contributions from main-line republicans; and lastly, who simply has been a loyal supportive member of the Republican Party throughout his adult life, IS TRYING TO DUPE you the virtuous fair honest female lead, who truly deserves a very good person in her life. Please see who he truly is... just in the nick of time.

Jay is honest, he speaks who he is. The Jay Armbrister you see running for Sheriff, speaking for change in the favoritism that exists at the S.O., speaking for inclusion of all people, and speaking for transparency and fairness, is the exact same man I have known at work, and as a friend, constantly and consistently. This is no put on act! You can put your trust in this one! Please, Please, vote for Jay Armbrister, and let’s simply put a true democrat in this important local office for the first time in a very long time. Party affiliation matters! Thank you.”

Lt. Steve Brown (Ret.)

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

“Law enforcement professionals who have endorsed Jay Armbrister have spoken to his experience and expertise in that particular field. Since I know nothing about the profession, I will leave that to the experts. As a citizen, my thoughts when it comes to community protection are that I wish for our sheriff’s officers and police officers to keep us safe, and to do so ethically and responsibly. Always.

We all have a different set of priorities when it comes to voting for elected officials. I don’t expect perfection. In fact, I certainly prefer a candidate who is willing to adjust their opinion/policies/processes based on input and new information. For far too long, it took a monumental amount of ego for people to be willing to participate as a candidate in an election. Many times, ego comes along with “sticking to your guns”, calling those who spend the time to research and learn “wishy washy” instead of openminded. I am not interested in that type of intellectual superiority. As a friend said a few weeks ago, Jay is “not fragile.” He is willing to listen, learn, and adapt in all ways that are reasonable. This trait is, by far, what I wish to see in our elected officials.

Although I agree with the assessment of Jay, beyond being “not fragile”, he has also been very vulnerable. His passion to lead the sheriff’s department comes from a personal journey through PTSD, a result of many traumas experienced while serving our county in the field. Walking away is the easy choice, and a respectable way for any individual to save themselves. Instead, Jay took the depth of experience that he has acquired working in many areas of the department and decided to use that experience to run for sheriff, to lead the officers, to MAKE IT BETTER. Don’t walk away, make it better.

This is what we need, especially now. We don’t need the status quo, we don’t need things to hum along as usual. “Typical” is not working. A true Democratic candidate will be interested in not just caring for the needs of inmates while they are in custody, but in helping them pursue all social services while still at the jail to build a foundation for their reentry to society – case management, addiction treatment, housing, mental health care, overall support. A true Democratic candidate believes that lack of access to these services has played a big part in the racial disparity of inmates, and wants to MAKE IT BETTER. Many people have (fairly) noted that all candidates for sheriff are white males. We need the next person in line to lead the sheriff’s department to make it a priority to recruit new officers diverse in every way, so that in 20 years we are looking at a ballot that more accurately resembles the people of our county.

A few years ago, my husband had Jay build a bench for our table, as a wedding gift to me. Practical, yes. But intensely romantic, as it meant that we would have room for all of our kids at one table. I found out a year after we received the gift that it was the third bench Jay made for us. He wasn’t satisfied with the first two versions. I would never have known this except for his wife telling his secret. A small part of that was that his name would always be attached to it, and quality is important to Jay. The large part of it was that if something is worth doing to Jay, it is worth doing right – whether anyone ever knows about the small imperfections or not. He wanted to make it better.

Because we believe in and respect Jay’s intentions and priorities, we trust him to lead our county. We endorse Jay Armbrister for Douglas County Sheriff.”

Jennifer and Jeff Burkhead

My name is Steve Lewis. My wife Lorel and I have lived in Douglas County for 36 years. After 25 years of service with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (SO), I retired at the rank of Lieutenant, serving as Public Information Officer. During my career I worked under the past 3 sheriffs, observing and experiencing their different management and leadership styles. I’ve worked alongside the 3 current sheriff candidates, and 2 of the undersheriff candidates. All 5 have long careers with the SO; several have had a greater range of experience. All 5 have distinct personalities, strengths, and interpersonal relationship styles that they bring to their work. To my mind, all are competent but I feel there are noticeable differences as to how each pair of candidates might oversee the SO if elected. I believe the combination of Jay Armbrister and Stacy Simmons is best suited to lead the SO now and in the years ahead.

Here’s why. Jay and Stacy have the experience, dedication, leadership skills, and work ethic needed to move the SO forward and address the challenges law enforcement currently faces. I feel the Armbrister/Simmons team will seamlessly maintain our status as a progressive, innovative, and nationally recognized leader among sheriff’s offices in Kansas and the US. Jay has demonstrated his desire to listen to others’ views, to recognize where change is needed, and to take appropriate action. He understands fully that those in law enforcement have a sacred duty to the public, and he does not tolerate violations of that duty. Finally, Jay has a heart for all the people of Douglas County. He loves his work in law enforcement and wants nothing more than to provide the public with what they expect: unbiased, professional, trustworthy, and competent public safety services. Stacy has been deeply involved with training, and is active in professional development groups, particularly mentoring women in public safety careers. As a captain, she oversees the jail and works on planning and upgrading procedures that impact and benefit employees and inmates. She has a heart for the community and has experience and skills that align well with Jay’s. Above all, Stacy shares his devotion to duty. They make a strong team.

Lorel and I will cast our votes for Armbrister and Simmons. We hope you will too.


Steve Lewis (Ret. DGSO #s109)

“I am voting for Jay Armbrister for Douglas County Sheriff. Prior to May 25th, I am embarrassed to say that I had paid too little attention to the Sheriff’s race. However, after that day I began paying much closer attention to the candidates statements, platforms, and interactions with potential voters.

I asked questions of all candidates. Jay always and without fail, answered openly and honestly. He didn’t attempt to evade my questions or avoid touchy topics, as the other candidates did. I continued to watch the numerous forums, where it became obvious that Jay understands the issues at a much deeper level than the other candidates for Sheriff. It is obvious that if he doesn’t know, he will do the homework to find out and is willing to learn and do better, be better. It may seem trivial to some, but I work in healthcare and we are in the midst of a pandemic, and Jay is the only candidate that models good mask wearing and social distancing in his photos with others. This is meaningful imagery from a leader.

Listening to Captain Stacy Simmons during the Women for Kansas forum.....I was blown away. What an amazing selection for Undersheriff an asset to the campaign! Again, it was revealing to listen to the other candidates speak about the absence of sexual harassment or minimize the issue, only to be followed by Captain Simmons. It is clear that Jay believes women.

What really draws me though is the way Jay truly is embracing a new culture for law enforcement. One that is safer and more just for everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Everyone belongs, diversity matters in all its forms. He has the passion to do this thing for everyone and represent this vibrant community!”

Jill Burgen

I've been thinking for awhile what I wanted to say about Jay Armbrister and Stacy Simmons. I could tell you what an incredible human Jay is. How hard working, empathetic, and genuine he is. Or that he has been at the core of my very tiny circle for the last 21 years. Or that Stacy is the smartest, most caring and loving person I have ever met. And that her ability to champion other human beings is truly her superpower. But you have already heard all this from the numerous other endorsements. And I prefer to take more of the “tough love” approach!.....just ask Stacy!!

I think we can all agree that most candidates put their “best face forward” during an election cycle. They present themselves the way they want us, as the public, to perceive them. Jay has presented himself as an open book. If you have a question, just ask. If you want to discuss something, reach out. He has made himself completely available to you the voters. If your candidate, during the election, “typically responds” within a day when he’s putting his best face forward, how responsive do you honestly think he’s going to be once elected?? And when he does respond, do you want to hear a scripted response or an answer that he thinks you want to hear? Or do you want the TRUTH? Because the truth is what Jay has been speaking from the beginning. And he’s been “very responsive” while doing it. We need leadership from our law enforcement officials. And not from someone who has proclaimed themselves a leader, or from someone who misinterprets bullying and belittling with leadership.

Toni Dailey

Trilogy Hair Company

In each family or group of friends, there is the one person that you want to be there when clear thinking, calm demeanor and security is needed. The person who understands the situation and makes the best decision for the best outcome. That is Jay.

We have personally known this and are proud that he is willing--and quite able--to be this leader for our community.

Patty Lou Armbrister Johnston

Bruce Johnston

Paid for by Jay Armbrister for Sheriff, Treasurer Josie Flory

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