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"I was born and raised in Douglas County and I grew up in the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. Now, it's time for me to do my part to see that this community continues to be the best place to live, laugh, and love in the state of Kansas. I am passionate about community health, as well as, mental health of those WE serve, but also those WHO serve."

                 - Jay Armbrister, Democratic Candidate for Douglas County Sheriff 2020



While mental health care is important for the entire community, the portion that I can focus on as Sheriff of Douglas County is the mental health of our employees and First Responders.  Creating a culture where they can not only ask for help when they need it, but where we have the resources available to help them if they do.  Maintaining mentally healthy first responders and corrections officers allows them to be healthy, valuable resources for our community.


The Sheriff’s Office is a large part of our community.  As Sheriff I would invite the community to be involved and have a vested interest in the direction the Sheriff’s Office grows in the future.  We will create an environment where we can facilitate positive interactions between children and law enforcement so that if they should ever need help, they know who they can look to and trust.  I believe in showing the heart behind the badge.


The Sheriff’s Office is a significant portion of the county budget.  It is our responsibility to know where our community’s tax dollars are going and who they are helping.  It is our responsibility to make sure those dollars are spent efficiently and ethically.  We are the stewards of the taxpayer’s money, and as such the community expects diligence on our part.  Fiscal transparency means that we will educate citizens on everything from practical daily expenses to expenses pertaining to long range goals.

Paid for by Jay Armbrister for Sheriff, Treasurer Josie Flory

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